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Code of Conduct & Guidelines for Tennis Club Members & Guests



Appropriate and safe tennis shoes or non-marking trainers are allowed on the courts.  Only recognised tennis kit or sportswear is acceptable for playing.  Non sportswear, Bermuda shorts or denim are unacceptable.  Players must wear their kit at all time and not play without a shirt or top at any time.


Consult team captains and the league secretary for any additional rules.


The Membership Secretary holds a list of current members. Members are issued with a dome access card and shoe tags, please wear then. Cards and shoe tags are not transferable.


Guests are welcome to play with members. They will need to sign the Visitor Book which is located in the hut before play commences.   This is to ensure that they are covered by our club insurance. After three free taster sessions, please pay the appropriate fee and place the money in a marked envelope and place in the chute in the pavilion. If they don’t want to join the club, members of the public can always pay the relevant fees for visitors and guests posted on the notice boards around the courts.


Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult (18+). Juniors between the ages of 12-16 may

play on the courts providing a parent or guardian agrees (by signature on this form) to go through the tennis club code of conduct, guidelines and sanctions policy with them and accept responsibility for them and their actions.

The club insurance will only be valid if this procedure is followed.


Balls will be provided for club social sessions, please ensure balls are placed back in the correct box at the end of each session.


Members pay for the use of the floodlights (£2.00 for 1 hour).

Warning lights flash five minutes before they run out. If the lights go off before a new coin is added there’s a 15-20 minute cool down period before the lights will work again.


If the courts are icy, do not commence play or if in the event of weather changing during play and the courts become icy or slippery please vacate the courts.  Appropriate safety notices are posted around the courts reinforcing the action to be taken if the courts are unsafe to use.  The club cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury experienced by players and visitors in the event that the courts are unfit or unsafe to play on.



No swearing or abusive behaviour is allowed at any time by visitors or members at the club facilities.  Offenders will be asked to leave the club facilities and surroundings.

Loud calling out and shouting that distracts other players is unacceptable behaviour.

Ball and racket abuse or damaging any of the club facilities including hitting nets with rackets is unacceptable.

Appropriate etiquette must be followed whilst playing including keeping noise levels to a minimum around court areas during play.  Visitors and players must not cross courts while play is in progress or about to start without the permission of the players on court.

Food must not be taken on to court and any food debris and cartons / rubbish must be disposed of safely and appropriately in the bins provided.   Members and visitors must comply with waste disposal (recycling) provisions at the club.

Areas around the courts and parking areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times by members and visitors and they must use the club recycling facilities as appropriate.

Members and coaches must ensure that if they are the last person to vacate the premises (including Dome, Courts and Pavilion) they must ensure that all facilities are safely locked and all appliances are either switched off or rendered harmless.

In the event of abuse of the above code of conduct or a need to ensure safety of the premises requiring a key holder to be present please refer to the list below.



The Club is a member of the LTA, which has adopted an Equality & Diversity Policy, a Code of Conduct for Coaches, Staff and Volunteers and a Child Protection Policy.

These can be downloaded as attachments from the club web site.


  • treat all members and personnel with respect (see Equality & Diversity Policy)
  • promote the positive aspects of tennis e.g. fair play
  • encourage all participants to learn the laws and rules and play within them, respecting decisions of match officials